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SB-190 Snowguard Adhesive

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Requires 28 days or (672 Hours) at 50 Degrees (F) or above to achieve full cure. Temperatures below 40 Degrees (F) will delay cure time, until temperatures reach 50 Degrees (F) or above to completely cure. SureBond bonds with concrete, finished metals, painted metals, plastics, fiberglass, pipe, conduit, FRP-plywood and composites, while eliminating costly fasteners, rattles and leaks. Tensile Strength: 2000 PSI.
SB-190 is versatile, hard-setting, one-part sealant designed for a wide variety of industrial sealing needs. This unique formula possesses the toughest tensile strength with excellent impact strength. It skins over quickly and is paintable. SB-190 is also used for sealing building panels, doors, windows, glass, air conditioners, etc. It will not bleed or stain and can be used to seal in specialty areas like fiberglass and plastic. It provides a hard, pick-proof sealant with excellent adhesion to most rigid materials.
COLOR: Clear (other colors on special order)
BASE: Synthetic rubber
TENSILE STRENGTH: Up to 2,000 pounds
CLEAN UP: Mineral spirits or naptha

Recommended Usage: 1 Tube will adhere 7 large snowguards or 17 mini snowguards

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